New National Association of Chiefs of Police Survey

The National Association of Chiefs of Police have released their new survey results for 2005. 93.6 percent think that "any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense." On right-to-carry ("Will a national concealed handgun permit reduce rates of violent crime as recent studies in some states have already reflected?"), 63.1 percent said "yes." 88.1 percent view the death penalty as a deterrent. 93.2 percent do not view the media as impartially reporting the news. 67.3 percent say that their department has a policy against racial profiling. There are other interesting results on the survey.

Looking down this list of questions, police chiefs, as a group, certainly seem extremely conservative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a police veteran of 17+ years, I can attest that the overwhelming majority of police officers are decidedly conservative in outlook. Being exposed to reality on a daily basis tends to quickly strip away liberal theory and wishes. Police executives tend to be somewhat less conservative than rank and file officers as they depend--to a much greater degree than the rank and file--on carefully and accurately determining the direction of the political winds for their continued employment. That said, they great majority also tend to be conservative.

However, the MSM tends to give far too much attention to the pronouncements of police chiefs in LA, NYC, Chicago and similar liberal bastions. Hardly surprising that such police chiefs will parrot reliably liberal ideas.

No rational police officer fears firearms in the hands of honest citizens. No rational police officer believes that gun control laws will do anything at all to magically compel criminals to obey such laws when they routinely disobey all others.

But police chiefs? Well, if their bosses are rabid liberals, they will probably foam at the mouth a bit in public as well.

3/05/2006 11:38 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks, Mike. I have indeed seen polls showing that street officers are more conservative than police chiefs on a range of issues so what you say is perfectly consistent with that. I am sure that you are correct also that the chiefs in major urban areas especially are more likely to be publicly influenced by the political views of the politicians that they work.

3/06/2006 8:48 AM  

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