Gun law enforcement out of control in New Jersey

You have to follow the link to read the whole story, but this is a pretty scary story. Mr. Revell was carefully following the law, but it didn't stop NJ police from arresting him and getting him stuck in jail for a long time. I have posted on this case before, but the details here are worth reading:

When Gregg Revell packed his bags for a trip to Pennsylvania last April, he had no idea how far he'd be traveling.

Before the week was out, the 57-year-old suburban real estate agent and grandfather would be arrested, thrown into one of the country's most notorious jails, strip searched and inoculated against his will. The soft-spoken Utah native would be on his way to becoming a poster child for the National Rifle Association in a $3 million lawsuit.

During a nearly five-day stay in a Newark, N.J., jail, he would meet a terrifying side of America that most Utahns see only on television and briefly would become a jailhouse mentor to drug dealers and violent criminals.

It started as a trip to pick up a BMW in Allentown, Pa., for a relaxing road trip back to Utah.

"I fix them up and sell them," Revell says. "Sometimes I make a profit. It's something I do for fun."

Revell, who has a Utah concealed weapon permit, usually takes a handgun with him for protection on his car trips.

Transporting a firearm in your luggage across country on an airline is not illegal, but involves some paperwork. Revell who has made a couple dozen such car-buying trips, knows the process. He fills out the Federal Aviation Administration paperwork, packs his .45 caliber pistol in a locked case, his hollow-point ammunition in another locked case and puts both in his checked luggage. He declares the gun to the ticketing agents.

"Sometimes I get a look, but it's never been a problem," he says. . . .


Blogger Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Gun owners have to stop shaking their heads about such outrages and scream to the politicians, bureaucrats and media. If we don't demand an end this kind of Nazi like enforcement we can count on more.

That lawsuit may take more than a decade to wind its way through the courts. The Bolsheviks get away with murder as the courts no longer care to enforce the Bill of Rights.

It's time to up my membership with the NRA...

3/13/2006 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'm comforted by hearing that this good citizen become a 'jailhouse mentor to drug dealers and violent criminals'.

3/13/2006 1:35 PM  

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