Some defensive gun uses from last week

CONNEAUT, Ohio Two teens, captured by a gun-toting Broad Street resident early Saturday morning, probably played a role in the rash of burglaries plaguing the city during recent weeks, said Police Chief Jon Arcaro. “No doubt, they were behind some of the thefts, but there are others involved, too,” he said. “There’s another group (of thieves) out there, working independently (of the arrested teens).”

A 69-year-old man, alerted by a barking dog and a neighbor’s frantic telephone call, got the drop on the young thieves around 5:22 a.m., police said. Armed with a pistol, the resident caught the suspects — ages 16 and 17 — in his garage, officers said. The youths immediately surrendered, and police found them sprawled on the garage floor, guarded by the homeowner, officers said. The teens were taken to the youth detention center in Ashtabula Township, police said.

Cincinnati, Ohio When Ohio's law allowing residents to carry a concealed weapon went into effect last year, a number of people rushed to get permits so they could legally carry a firearm. The right to do that may have saved a man in Westwood early Wednesday morning. Cincinnati Police say he opened fire on three men who shot him after trying to rob him outside his girlfriend's home. Local 12 Reporter Larry Davis explains what went down.

Ola Burton, Aided Gunshot Victim: "He said they tried to rob me, they tried to rob me, but I shot one of them, too."

Beaumont, Texas A 63-year-old Beaumont man fired 2 gunshots through his bedroom window early Thursday morning to fend off a burglar. James Hodges says he pulled the .25 caliber pistol from his bedside table when he heard someone break his window then put their arm through it, holding a flashlight.

Dayton, Ohio A Dayton man fought back against two suspects who police said were trying to rob him early Friday morning. The incident happened around 1 a.m. at the intersection of Catalpa and Riverview. Police said the victim opened fire, hitting one of the suspects multiple times. Investigators said the victim was walking down the street when, he said, someone came up behind him and pushed him. He said when he turned around, there were two men standing there who demanded his money with a gun. The victim told police that he pulled out his .40-caliber handgun and fired off close to 10 rounds, striking one of the men. Officers said the men ran off, but were later found at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Durham, NC A grand jury ruled that the owner of a body shop acted in self-defense when he shot and killed another man in the Main Street business in March.

Belleville, MO. According to the account given to investigators, a woman went into the home after Endsley started shooting, got a handgun and shot him.

Savannah, SC Gunfire filled a westside Savannah clothing store Tuesday afternoon as the cashier fired back during what appeared to be an attempted armed robbery, police said. Just before 1 p.m., three black males walked into Top of the Line Fashions and Accessories at 2903 W. Bay St., Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police spokesman Bucky Burnsed said. The men ordered the cashier to the ground and stole his wallet, according to Joseph W. Woods, who owns Lil Chick at 2901 W. Bay St. The suspects then started filling bags with clothing and other items, Woods said. The cashier got up and one of the robbers started shooting, Woods said. Then the cashier fired back. "The attendant shot back in self defense," Woods said.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico Police have released the identity of a man who officers say was killed during a dispute with his wife at their home on Albuquerque's west side. Albuquerque police officer Trish Hoffman says Frank Cervantes, 37, fired gunshots at the back door of the family home as he tried to enter it Wednesday night. Hoffman also said Cervantes fired shots at his wife, who called police. He said when officers arrived at the home, they found Cervantes dead and his wife and their three children inside. The woman and children were not injured.
Hoffman says no charges have been filed against Cervantes' wife; police called her actions "justifiable."

Cape Coral, Florida "He said the magic words, words to the effect the guy was coming around again, trying to run somebody over," said felony Supervisor Scott Cupp with the state attorney's office, which will be reviewing the case.

"Then, arguably, he could be justified. Obviously we don't want people whipping out guns in public ... but in isolated situations where somebody is having their life threatened — an immediate threat — the law recognizes the ability to then defend yourself or others. It will be looked into."

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