City may ban slingshots and "shooting instruments of any kind"

he City Council approves, paintball guns, plus slingshots and "shooting instruments of any kind," would be banned under the same law that forbids airguns and blowguns.

"It's just like a gun ban. It's only going to affect those who try to break the law," said Chad Carter, a paintball gun owner and Bossier City resident.

Carter and his teenage son work or play at the Paintball Warehouse & Field in Shreveport every weekend. His wife and daughter often play, too.

"We find safe areas to play in whether it be a private field or a public course," Carter said. "Neighborhoods are too tight to do anything."

People who don't obey the law could be fined up to $500, imprisoned up to 60 days or both.

Councilman Scott Irwin initiated the bill after he said he heard complaints that someone had used a paintball gun in the Shady Grove area of his south Bossier district. . . .

Of course, there is always the option of penalizing someone if they fire a paintball or slingshot at another person who is not willingly involved in some sort of game.