Has anyone in the US ever been murdered by a 50 caliber rifle? Apparently, No

The one possible case of someone being murdered with a 50 caliber gun supposedly occurred about a decade ago. The initial story that I had seen was immediately after the crime occurred. Well, I was recently given this follow up article from jury testimony that indicates even in that one case the murder was not from the 50 caliber gun.

Jury hears grim inventory of Petrosky's rampage

Charlie Brennan; Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer
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29 March 1996
Rocky Mountain News
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Murder victim Terry Petrosky's body was riddled with 14 bullet holes when she was gunned down last year by her estranged husband.

Dr. Ben Galloway, the forensic pathologist who conducted autopsies on all three victims of the April 28, 1995, shooting rampage, testified Thursday.

His grim inventory of the human loss triggered no noticeable reaction from the relatives of the victims, although some bowed their heads to avoid seeing stark color photographs of their loved ones' remains.

Albert Petrosky, 36, is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder in the Jefferson County District Court case. He faces a possible death penalty if convicted.

Petrosky's lawyers admit he did the shootings but claim the episode was a crime of passion.

Galloway said Terry Petrosky, 37, was hit eight times from her torso down to her left leg, two shots to the chest proving fatal.

But counting exit wounds - one bullet entered and exited the same arm twice - he inventoried 14 wounds.

Albertson's store manager Dan Suazo, 37, was shot three times in the back, two of the wounds causing the fatal damage. Like Terry Petrosky, he was shot by a large-caliber handgun. It sent three bullets clear through his body.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Sgt. Timothy Mossbrucker, 36, shot in his patrol car in the parking lot as he arrived at the scene, was struck once in the face by one round from a .30-caliber SKS semiautomatic rifle.

Prosecutors expect to rest their case today, with the defense case then likely to last one week.