Letter in Thursday's WSJ

My letter on the claims linking abortion and crime can be found here. Obviously in only 250 words or so one is pretty limited on what one can discuss, but at least this makes a start. My work with John Whitley on this topic can be found here.

Additional note: The Federalist Society chapter at the University of Chicago Law School is trying again to set up a debate between myself and either Steve Levitt and/or John Donohue and/or Stephen Dubner on their abortion research discussed in my WSJ letter. Donohue is apparently free on May 25th to do the debate, but it is not clear whether he will show up. John Donohue cancelled our debates that were scheduled at the University of Chicago for December 2 on November 30th last fall and our April 13th debate on April 7th. Hopefully the fact that this debate will be on abortion and not guns as our two previous debates will ensure that one of the two actually show up. It is my understanding this time I will make a presentation sometime during that week whether they show up or not.