Four victims shot dead in ''No-guns'' Ohio nightclub

Report at Foxnews.com

Ohioans For Concealed Carry Statement:
This incident reinforces the fact that disarmament zones only disarm honest, law-abiding citizens; not the criminals who prey upon them.

This mass killer broke scores of firearms, liquor and criminal laws in committing this rampage. These same laws did nothing to protect the law-abiding citizens at this event.

Under current Ohio law, bearing handguns for self-defense in establishments which serve drinks under a Class D liquor license is illegal, even for employees. In fact, Ohio's law would prevent SECURITY at this nightclub from carrying a handgun, even if the club owner had wanted them to do so.

When the Ohio House or Representatives passed Sub. House Bill 12 in 2003, specific exemptions were contained to allow bar owners to protect themselves and their patrons. This provision was stripped from the final bill by the state Senate.

Many other states allow concealed handgun license-holders to enter into liquor establishments, and even to consume alcohol, so long as they do not drink to the point of impairment.

Ohio's complete ban on self-defense in liquor establishments has proven time and again to be a complete failure. It is time for Ohio to join the other state's who have recognized there is nothing to fear from law-abiding citizens who choose to defend themselves.