British Tories introduce self defense bill

While some have argued that there is no problem using self defense in Britain, apparently many British MPs see the problem differently. The proposed legislation apparently has support from members representing all the political parties and the backing of the Conservative Party, though it is not clear what Labor will do on the bill. The article claims that if a free vote was allowed the legislation would pass. The proposed text is very straightforward:

"Where a person uses force in the prevention of crime or in the defence of persons or property on another who is in any building or part of a building having entered as a trespasser or is attempting so to enter, that person shall not be guilty of any offence in respect of the use of that force unless - a) the degree of force used was grossly disproportionate,  and b) this was or ought to have been apparent to the person using such force." Crucially, the Bill then states that: "No prosecution shall be brought against a person. . . without the leave of the Attorney General".